New content, new design - again..

The last entry is almost a year ago, it's time to use the domain in a way it was meant long time ago when I registered it.

I decided to switch to the English language, since most of the blog entries will deal about technical stuff, FreeBSD, home automation, and other daily foo with more or less technical connection.

The very first version of this blog was hosted by Posterous until they closed there business. I really liked the idea of using an email as blog entry, quite simple to use on the road. After them I used Wordpress, completely overdone for my purpose and size of the blog (and with regard to security not the best solution). 

Jekyll joined the game - or at least it came to my attention, but turned out to be a dependency hell if not touched on a daily basis. However, the idea of a static html system is nice and I still like it. 

I played around with Hugo, also a nice static website generator, just a single binary taking care of website creation but for my use case both Jekyll and Hugo lack the ability of just write something on the go. Well yes, there are ways, but I like the ability to just enter some words in an editor and hit publish :)

So finally Bludit made its way into my document root, we'll see how it goes.